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‘It has been so helpful to have Sam contributing to our projects, his work is funny and beautifully finished. Sam has created some wonderful illustrations and cartoons for the museum’s learning programme all based around the character of Rusty the Dog. These have really brought the character to life and enabled us to build a strong and recognisable brand of his adventures. Sam’s work has gone into activity packs, videos and is now showcased on the museum website as part of a page all about Rusty. When we went into lockdown, we decided to create a weekly activity pack that would feature a cartoon about Rusty’s adventures each week. Sam worked really hard and changed his own schedule in order to create a weekly cartoon and was great with making any little story tweaks that we wanted by supplying suggested alternatives. We hope that Sam will continue to help us develop the Rusty brand and work more with us on stories and museum projects, his designs are very much enjoyed by the whole team and the museum’s wider audience.’


Katherine Bell

Learning and Events Officer

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Bridgingthegaptogether.org.uk They are a Community Interest Company, who put on talks and events for Parents, Carers, Young people or anyone that has contact with a young person who has contact with a person of school age with Special Educational Needs.

I produce a comic strip for their newsletter, I was also instrumental in the design of the Logo that they use on all of their paperwork and on their website.


Weston Museum

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